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Outliving Your Mother, What’s Next?

As my birthday approaches, I cannot help but think about the fact that this year I will have outlived my mother. She lived only 2 months past her 56th year. Her life cut short sped up mine. As a woman … Continue reading

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Don’t Let Your Past Shape Your Future

reposted from Huffington Post Once again, we find ourselves standing at the time of the year when we are supposed to charge full steam ahead into an improved diet, renewed gym membership and better disposition. We are to commit to … Continue reading

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Turning a Fun Month into a Fun Life

reposted from the HuffingtonPost Women I decided a few months ago that I wasn’t having enough unadulterated fun. I was too busy being serious, researching important but concerning topics, working long hours and not spending nearly enough time living life … Continue reading

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Fall Media Projects

This Summer and into the Fall, I have taken on a number of interesting media gigs. Beginning with the spectacular Wine Women and Shoes event in Napa. . Next up I will be covering the WOW factor event on Sept 8th, … Continue reading

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New Year’s resolutions are not for me- here’s why…..

reposted from Huffington Post  This year I am not making any New Year’s resolutions. No list-making of all the things I should have done this past year but didn’t or the even longer list of what I should stop doing. … Continue reading

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Heading Into Mother’s Day With Compassion Fatigue? Me Too

(Reposted from the Huffington Post) Isn’t it ironic? The week of Mother’s day finds me comforting a friend who’s elderly Mom died, consoling a mother whose young daughter passed away and soothing a close relation with a seriously ill Mom. … Continue reading

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Check out my teleseminar recording with Suzanne Kyra at LivingBig!

Sharon Ufberg Teleseminar Recording « Living Big « Living Big … Suzanne Kyra & Sharon Ufberg have just finished a sensational teleseminar on Wellness From The Inside Out. Check it out here: Enjoy!!

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