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Wanted: Original thoughts only

Is anyone else feeling overwhelmed by the voluminous amounts of information being pushed towards us all day, every day? Between twitter links, direct emails and the endless stream of facebook newsfeed, I am starting to find this onslaught of news, … Continue reading

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Love And Forgiveness At The Core Of Healing

reposted from The Business Of Me newsletter Recently, I heard Marci Shimoff, best-selling author of the book, Love for No Reason, speak about love and forgiveness. I was amazed by my profound and positive experience using one of her practices … Continue reading

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Cultivating Wisdom: An Experiential Journey with Koshin Paley Ellison and Robert Chodo Campbell

(Reposted from Huffington Post) Koshin and Chodo share the stage of a large ballroom, sitting comfortably side by side in their beautiful blue Zen robes, as they begin to explore the differences between compassion and empathy and the practical benefits … Continue reading

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Check out my teleseminar recording with Suzanne Kyra at LivingBig!

Sharon Ufberg Teleseminar Recording « Living Big « Living Big … Suzanne Kyra & Sharon Ufberg have just finished a sensational teleseminar on Wellness From The Inside Out. Check it out here: Enjoy!!

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Transformative Moments: When was yours?

Every now and then the earth seems to shift under my feet. No early morning Northern California earthquake rumble or massive New York snowstorm’s icy street—nope, I am talking about the destabilizing shake up of a new perspective or perception … Continue reading

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An interview with Dr. Rachel Remen

Reposted from IntegrativePractitioner Dr. Rachel Naomi Remen is a nationally recognized author, educator and medical reformer. As one of the earliest leaders in the mind/body holistic health movement, she was the first to recognize the role of the spirit in the … Continue reading

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Let the Meditator Beware

Reposted from Huffington Post A few years ago I made a commitment to meditate regularly. I had read a huge amount of literature about the healing power of meditation and all the positive aspects of having an ongoing meditation practice. … Continue reading

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An interview with Dr. Devra Davis

Reposted from the It is always fascinating to learn more about a famous or special person, to hear about what personally motivates or inspires someone you admire, or to have an opportunity to connect deeper with an individual whose … Continue reading

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This Independence Day defend your health and well being

July 4th, Independence Day—what a perfect time for us all to stand up and defend our own health and well being. Let’s revisit the same spirit that propelled us to grab onto this great nation and make it our own. … Continue reading

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Collaboration is at the Core of Healing

While attending the Integrative Health Symposium in New York City, a question kept surfacing within me, bubbling up to the forefront of my mind: “How can I appropriately share the wisdom of these other practitioners with my patients?” There were a number … Continue reading

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