Wanted: Original thoughts only

Is anyone else feeling overwhelmed by the voluminous amounts of information being pushed towards us all day, every day? Between twitter links, direct emails and the endless stream of facebook newsfeed, I am starting to find this onslaught of news, reviews and opinions to be quite frankly TMI (too much information).

As an integrative health journalist and newbie radio host for a wellness show, I am always searching for a great story idea, a fresh perspective or interesting topic to report, write about and share with my friends and internet “family”. But lately, all the posts and links have been feeling like more of a burden of facts versus the possibility of some interesting newsflash.

I am bored to tears with most of the daily news and infuriated with the biased and scarce coverage of those issues I do care deeply about namely—global women and girls, health and safety, human trafficking, domestic violence to name a few.

Studies upon studies on “hot” health topics flood the internet and most are more “hot air” than solid evidence based research. We all have become big skeptics when we read studies that promote or “prove” a point that leads to some corporate or pharmaceutical company’s benefit.

And what do people want to hear more about anyway? Is there any topic that has not been exhausted by well meaning writers or clever marketing mavens? So often the material we see is just an endless repackaging of the same information over and over again.

Where are people developing new ideas? I want to go on an original thinking retreat! I am looking to escape to a place where new thoughts and novel topics leap out of my brain. Is there someplace where people find a respite from the influences of headlines and advertisements?  I am ready to dive deep into some fresh perspective. Who wants to join me?

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3 Responses to Wanted: Original thoughts only

  1. Susan says:

    Three letters: TED. http://www.ted.com/
    Amazing ideas, people, sharing. Go to the well – the water’s sweet there.

  2. joshua neeman says:

    Well i am sure that the phenomena of tmi burdens many of the readers of your excellent blog.
    For example,in Isarael, one of the most successful television personalities, presenting the daily news show, had recently tendered her resignation from this prestigious program, due to fatigness of brodcasting the news.
    Maybe, the model set by Mrs. Paddington whose blog was recently acquired for substional amounts should be adopted by you as well.
    Such move would undoubtly expand the readers of the blog enormously and facilitate the receipt of the fresh new ideas which are being sought by you.
    Wishing you lot of success.

  3. I’m with ya sistah. Media fast, time out in nature, meditation, journaling and nourishing my soul with gratitude to dive deep.

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