Women Warriors: Not Your Everyday Desperate Housewives

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Meaning no disrespect to our women in the armed forces, the women warriors I am referring to are not packing a pistol or taking orders from anyone. These women warriors are fiercely feminine and fully equipped with more powerful energy, creative inspiration, deep intuition, knowing, and vision— mountains of vision more magnificent than is possible to describe. Picture this: hundreds, no thousands of women, yes, hundreds of thousands of women coming together to share ideas, best practices and wisdom. To inspire one another, support each other and collectively make a difference in their lifetime. In large retreats, worldwide telesummits, online webinars, massive conference halls and small workshop settings, women are joining forces.

This is no “each man for himself” but rather a collective of training, support and guidance—a virtual woman-to-woman fusion of creativity circles, think tanks and enthusiastic team building, nurturing the power of the feminine spirit and holding hands with one another across the planet. A call to inspired action and positive change.

The mission? The mission and vision of women warriors is without question to save the planet from ourselves. Having given men the opportunity to lead for centuries, women are now poised to take back the reins and gently guide us back on track. Whether it is the celestial spinning of some divinely feminine goddess star or the groundswell of highly educated and motivated women right here on earth, one fact is certain—the power base is definitely shifting. And we have just begun to collaborate.

Women are taking decision-making portfolios and moving into careers that once were exclusively for men. The creation of new platforms for women to “strut their stuff”—and not in skimpy swimwear—is popping up in the most unlikely places. Small African nations are training women in auto mechanics and information technology. Initiatives such as the new United Nations superagency, UN Women launch in March 2011, with the former president of Chile, Michele Bachelet at its helm, is making history.  A new woman’s voice is now being heard at the U.S.  Agency for International Development (USAID) with Carla Koppell heading the department of Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment. These are merely two examples of women stepping into positions of strength and power.

When we turn to have a peek at the current array of thoughtful, inspirational, purposeful and productive women thinkers, leaders, authors, speakers and visionaries, the list is overwhelming—but in the best possible way. Female experts in every imaginably resourceful field are climbing out from under their desks and from behind their laptops to share their knowledge and their vision for a better world and a brighter future. Activists and poets, artists and politicians are reaching out to bring up another woman and gather each other in numbers never before seen. Shining bright stars, women warriors are every color, age and descriptive profile. Their energy, enthusiasm and hopeful spirit is contagious. Dream weavers such as Marcia Wieder, passion finders the likes of Janet Atwood, wisdom seekers of the divine feminine, Devaa Haley Mitchell and Elayne Doughty, spirit leaders like Elizabeth Lesser from Omega Institute, journalist trailblazers to the tune of Rita Henley Jensen at Women eNews and the list goes on and on.

The work of the woman warrior has just begun. There is still much to do to crush inequities and repair and heal injustices. As women, we live longer than men and make up the majority of the world’s poor, so we must care about decisions that impact women and girls, those living in poverty, battling violence against women, suffering under lower wages, gender bias, sexual discrimination and human trafficking. We give names to the disillusioning challenges that still exist for women but the woman warrior does not work exclusively for women. The woman warrior also cares for our children, our men and our environment. Women warriors are leading the charge to create solutions for diverse causes that affect all people; a world without war, better education, cleaner water, sustainable farming, fewer prisons and improved health care—issue upon issue that cross all gender and cultural lines.

Women warriors are here to stay. We sing and dance and protest and shout. We build coalitions and teams and companies with value and purpose. We are marching down main street as equal citizens of the universe with swords of vision held high and the brains and bucks to make things happen.

So you want to be a woman warrior? You probably already are one—just look inside yourself, I bet your sacred feminine goddess self is about burst out from under that bra! Have a look at the big smile in your reflection and join the circle – all are welcome.

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1 Response to Women Warriors: Not Your Everyday Desperate Housewives

  1. joshua neeman says:

    Dr. Sharon`s excellent writings, voices, loud and clear,the necessity for a thorough and deep change,in society`s outlook toward the femine and unpriveldged gender and classes.
    It is an object that can be attained,either through the directions and guidance offerd bySharon,as well as by exerting cultural and political powers.
    Just to name few examples: in the state of Israel,Mrs. Golda Meir served ,among other things,as prime Minster of the State.The current,Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is Mrs. Dorit Benish.Few days ago,the first woman was upgraded to be the first ranking General of the Israeli Defense Forces.This week,the finance Minister of France was elected as Chairwomen of the International Monetary Fund.In Israel,the Law mandates that in any recruting advertisments,it mustbe addressed to both genders.Underr specific Law for an equal pay a women Commisioner was appointed to ensure that,both genders when doing the same job,should be equally paid.
    I trust that there still a lot to do,in order to upgrade the status of the unpriveledged segments of society and no doubt it shall happen.If i may add,i would rather use a different term,instead of war use the term strggle.

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