Fall Media Projects

This Summer and into the Fall, I have taken on a number of interesting media gigs. Beginning with the spectacular Wine Women and Shoes event in Napa.http://www.winewomenandshoes.com/napavalley2012 . Next up I will be covering the WOW factor event on Sept 8th, with an incredible line up of women speaking about women’s health and vitality http://www.thewowfactor.co/speakers/. Sept 21-23 will find me at the Omega Institute’s Women and Power conference in Rhinebeck, NY. What an honor it is to be there just in time for the launch of Omega’s Women’s Leadership Center,http://eomega.org/workshops/conferences/women-power-conference.  On October 2 I will be in Philadelphia covering the PA Conference for Women and my daughter Alexis(alexissclamberg.com) will be speaking! http://www.paconferenceforwomen.org/  Looking forward to meeting, interviewing and writing about all these events. Listen to the commentary segments on Alive and Kicking on WAMC.org’s 51% NPR radio. Enjoy!

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1 Response to Fall Media Projects

  1. joshua says:

    Dear Sharon – How impressive your future exciting timetable seems to be.I trust that you gain much joyness and “Nachas” to hear and listen to the presentation of your eldest daugther Alexis.
    You must be very proud.
    Your focus on health and wellness undoubtly warrants lots of appreciation from your readers and listeners, to your interesting broadcasts.
    Continue to lead successfully your fundumental role on the subject matters,

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