Using Social Networking Media for Global Health Activism

Assuming social networking is dominated by single, young, white men? Well think again.  Studies show that women are the majority of individual users in the booming social media networking movement. This is great news for the women’s activist community. We have created a new platform in which individual women and organized groups may advocate for change and support one another outside of any previously prescribed gender boundary or identity. 

The power of social media has never been as clearly visible as the outpouring of support and concern we witness for the people of post-earthquake Haiti. In a matter of hours, cyberspace was flooded with opportunities to donate, up-to-the-minute news reports of the disaster and personal updates.

Coree Silvera, on in January 2010, gave us a list of the best marketing and social media blogs by women: . Our digital literacy is a source of great pride and power.

Nowhere is our newfound ability to mobilize and activate more necessary than in the area of women’s global health.  Many of the health issues women face around the world are preventable, curable and unacceptable. By highlighting women’s health and safety challenges from all parts of the globe, we can work together to find solutions to improve conditions and save lives. 

For many years I have been passionate about publicizing the critical issue of human trafficking and lending support to coalitions of women’s organizations working to find ways to put an end to this worldwide problem.

We must all recognize the power of the individual to make a profound difference.  Within our influential social media network, we should all strive to be an accurate source for the latest women’s global health news, serving as catalyst for positive change.

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