Dr Sharon Ufberg

Dr Sharon Ufberg – Radio Host, Consultant, Health Journalist, Global Women’s Activist

 ElevateGenY – is a series of powerful personal and professional development/health and wellness events for women in their 20’s and 30’s. ElevateGenY will give participants a truly integrative vehicle to access their vision, embrace their vitality, stand in their aligned and vibrant power, and the impetus to give back. The kick-off event will be in Ann Arbor, Michigan on April 7, 2014. Then a series of monthly events will be held in New York City beginning in May – Stay tuned…

Tickets Now on Sale  for Elevate Ann Arbor!
April 7, 2014 — 9am-6pm.
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What inspires me…

As a radio host and health journalist, I explore controversial and topical health issues that are important for people to know about, think about and share.

As a public speaker, consultant,  writer, woman and mother  I am passionately committed to activism and advocacy for global women’s health and safety, environmental health and the empowerment of the whole person.

As CEO and lead consultant for Good Advice Works, I use my skill set from 30 years of experience to assist others in turning their dreams into reality. Building a clientele of wonderful, innovative people is an awesome experience.

As a senior integrative health practitioner, I offer short and long term vacation relief work for chiropractic offices in the San Francisco Bay Area and New York City. It is so joyful to lovingly care for patients while their primary provider is recuperating, attending a conference or on vacation with family.

My radio program, Alive and Kicking,  is aired on National Public Radio’s  51% – The Women’s Perspective. Listen to one of my programs.

Have a look at my new Toutsuite Social Club – Alive and Kicking after show – View a program.

I am the Health and Wellness Editor for Napa Valley Life Magazine. Read one of my articles.

Join me in making healthy choices for a joyful life and being a partner with others to make positive change in our environment and world.

 My motto: “Anything is possible.”

Dr. Sharon Ufberg